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Crystal Investment Plans


Crystal Wedding Plan

There is a misconception about weddings that the best weddings are big expensive affairs that will surely leave you in debt. What if we told you that we have the perfect plan for you?

Crystal Home Acquisition Plan

This is a bespoke financial plan that helps you to adequately plan and invest towards your dream homes. It is possible to acquire a home with the Crystal Home Acquisition Plan.

Crystal Welfare Plan

Putting in place a welfare plan for your employees indicates to them that you value them. This increases their morale and boosts their productivity. The Crystal Welfare Plan has 3 components.

Crystal Private Wealth Mngt Plan

This is a bespoke advisory service that incorporates a full range of financial products and services including financial planning and many more.

About Us

Money makes the world go round. The more money you have, the more you can make things happen for you. But the real measure of your wealth is the power of its accumulation.

So really, how much money do you have this very moment…in your bank account, mobile money account, wallet, purse or pocket, add it all up. Is it enough to give you the life that you want? Savings keep your money, but investment grows your money. At Crystal Capital, we take pride in recognizing value – or the potential for value – where others do not. Partner with us today to get the best value from your money.

Crystal Clients