Crystal Welfare Plan

Putting in place a welfare plan for your employees indicates to them that you value them. This increases their morale and boosts their productivity. The Crystal Welfare Plan is a unique welfare plan structured to provide optimum support to employees and to ensure their general welfare at all times.The Crystal Welfare Plan has 3 components:

The Gift

This is the benefits component of the Crystal Welfare Plan. Benefits are carefully structured in consultation with your appointed Welfare Board to ensure that benefits are paid without discrimination and are subject to periodic review in keeping with changing circumstances.


It is not prudent to keep employee welfare funds in savings or current account. The Wel-Invest feature of the Crystal Welfare Plan is a special component of the Plan which is carefully structured to ensure access to your welfare funds as well as the steady growth of funds to meet contributors’ future financial needs goals.

Crystal Partnership Services

As your right investment partner, Crystal Capital will provide free periodic training in personal financial planning and management to your staff. Additionally, your company will be eligible for generous discounts on our Business Consulting Services.

Crystal Provident Fund Schemes

We provide tailored fund management services for companies to help promote well-being of employees in the long-term.

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Benefits of the Welfare Plan & Provident Fund Schemes

  • Improves staff retention.
  • Rewards your staff with tailored end of service benefits.
  • Flexible terms and conditions tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Rewards employee loyalty and productivity.
  • Access to investment income irrespective of retirement date or benefits status.
  • Gives your employees retirement income security.
  • Provides emergency funds in case of loss of employment.
  • Helps to achieve personal goals eg. Buying a house or going on vacation.
  • Tax-exempt contributions and investment income.
  • Ability to secure loans with contributions as security.

With the feeling of solidarity that the Crystal Welfare Plan & Provident Fund Schemes provides, employees are bound to feel happier and will have an increased drive to work as a team towards the achievement of your company’s goals.

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