The CISA “team investing” Plan is an investment plan designed to help children Spend, Save, Invest. As a parent, your child looks up to you for their lifestyle choices. You’re therefore the best person to be the “Coach” of the Investing Team and your child, the “Young Investor”. The Coach monitors investments and tops up or matches the Young Investor’s investments based on his/her performance. With as little as GH¢20.00, parents can open a CISA account for their child and be their best investment coach by applying the CISA 5Cs.


  • Collaborate with your child to open a CISA account.
  • Come to a Consensus on how much your child should save towards his/her CISA account each month.
  • Jointly Contribute towards the minimum GH¢ 20 required to open or top-up a CISA account by topping up your child’s savings where necessary.
  • Compliment your child’s effort through positive reinforcements including high investment yield and surprises from Crystal Capital.
  • Build a Culture of investment in your home. It’s the best way to create a financially independent future for your children.


  • Low Start-up cost.
  • Attractive yield.
  • Flexibility and easy access to your money.
  • Electronic and paper statements.
  • SMS alerts.
  • Easy monthly payments via mobile money, etc.
  • Loyal account holders get Crystal Surprises.