Giving Back: Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it.... he who doesn't ...pays it. – Albert Einstein.

It is very important to us to help our community understand that the fastest way to financial freedom is to invest. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to help Build a Culture of Investment in Ghana through Right Partnerships, Trust and Bespoke Financial Solutions and have rolled out a series of campaigns that are targeted at demystifying investment and making the path to financial freedom simple, fun and accessible to all. Follow any of our campaigns to for simple daily tips that will help you grow your wealth faster:

Financially Wise Woman (FWW) Campaign

Join our Financially Wise Woman group on Facebook to learn more about practical strategies you can use to increase your wealth. Over the years, the role of women in society has evolved totranscend their role as primary caregivers of new born babies.Women have increasingly played pivotal roles in the economy assources of financial support for their families and also as keydrivers of the country’s informal business and SME sectors. However, we find that, women tend to be less interested infinance or investment related activities and most often than not,have a more conservative approach to investing than men do. As a leading investment management and financial advisory firmin Ghana, we have taken up theinitiative to help women achieve more financially, through theFinancially Wise Woman (FWW) Campaign. Follow this link to join our network of financially wise women
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Crystal Investment Club (CiC)

The CiC is an investment club is the No. 1 Student Investment Club in Ghana, connecting students to wealth accumulation and career development opportunities. It is our aim that through the Crystal Investment Club, we will be able to raise a generation of global business leaders who understand the benefits of prudent long term financial planning and investment. Are you a student? Join the CiC for hands-on training in personal financial planning, career development, entrepreneurship, leadership and investment management, amongst others. Click here to join.