The Crystal Private Wealth Management Plan is a bespoke advisory service that incorporates a full range of financial products and services including financial planning and portfolio management to help you meet your financial goals. The Plan gives you control over your finances whilst ensuring that we are able to work closely with you in making decisions on the optimum mix of asset classes that will give you high risk-adjusted returns.

Opportunities presented by the economic, political and technological developments that have evolved over the past decade make it imperative that organisations and high net worth individuals pursuing exponential growth in their net worth partner with a Financial Advisor who can identify and leverage new opportunities for value. As always, we are Your Right Investment Partner!Our Process

  • Together with you, we determine your Investment Objectives (IOs).
  • We communicate to you a clearly documented strategy to help you achieve your IOs.
  • We offer optimum allocation of your assets and explain how they work for you.
  • We continuously monitor your portfolio.
  • We evaluate and report regularly on your portfolio.
  • We offer you excellent customer experience for your unique needs, ensuring that we only implement strategies you are comfortable with.

Why Should You Sign On To This Plan?

  • Low startup cost and flexible top-up options.
  • Investment decisions are aligned with your goals.
  • Have a say in how and where your money is invested.
  • Superior customer experience with dedicated Fund Manager.
  • Rewards of a diversified portfolio.
  • Superior returns in the short term.
  • Easy channels to fund your account .
  • Flexible Investment Strategy to match changes in your goals.
  • Protected Investment.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual statements.
  • Crystal Partnership Services

Additional Specialised Services

Crystal Family Endowment Fund

This is a Crystal Private Wealth Management Service that helps you to preserve and grow your wealth for your family and for future generations.Benefits

  • Enjoy tax-free growth potential.
  • Empower your descendants to do great things.
  • Put your vision for the family into action.
  • Our passive-aggressive investment strategy and deep knowledge of market opportunities give you flexibility in choosing the focus of your Family Endowment Fund (eg. business focus, altruistic focus or combination of both).
  • No entitlement: Descendant beneficiaries make applications to the Fund to be considered by the Board of Trustees.

Crystal End of Service Plan

This is an End of Service Benefit plan designed specially for fixed term or contract employees such as Diplomats, Government Appointees, Expatriates, etc. The Plan helps you to achieve a pre-determined target income by the end of your service contract.Benefits

  • Track income and achieve tenacity in working towards your end-of-service goals.
  • Enjoy risk-adjusted returns far in excess of market rates.
  • Enjoy the rewards of expert exchange rate risk management.
  • The Plan is supported by excellent custodial arrangements.
  • No management fee.

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