The CRYSTAL WEALTH FUND LTD. (The Fund) is a short term collective investment scheme that pools resources of the general public and manages it on their behalf. It is an open-ended mutual fund scheme with the objective of providing regular income while preserving capital and maintaining liquidity at all times by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of high quality fixed income securities and other money market instruments.

After the Offer period, additional shares in the Fund will be created and purchased on demand by subscribers on an on-going basis at a price computed in accordance with the SEC approved basis of offer price computation. The Fund is a legal entity incorporated as a public company limited by shares under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179). The Fund is managed under the control and supervision of a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors have appointed a Fund Manager through the execution of a Fund Management Agreement. The Custodian, who shall be vested with all the assets of the Fund, is mandated by the Law and the Regulations to protect the interest of investors