The Crystal Home Acquisition Plan is a bespoke financial plan that helps you to adequately plan and invest towards their dream homes.

Over the years, Ghana has experienced an increase in population growth leading to high demand in land, housing and accommodation. GREDA has estimated that Ghana has a housing deficit of 1.7m, leading to high housing costs. 

The high housing cost and difficulty in acquiring mortgage has made home acquisition for most lower-middle income earners seemingly impossible. But it is possible to acquire a home with the Crystal Home Acquisition Plan.

How It Works

  • Have a chat with one of our Asset Management team members about your particular circumstance 
  • Together with you, our Asset Management Team will develop a customized Financial Plan which will detail your risk appetite, investment goals and the high yielding investment vehicles we will be placing your funds in to help you meet your goals 
  • Open and fund your Crystal Home Acquisition account with monthly or one-time payment


Once you sign up to the Crystal Home Acquisition Plan, you will enjoy benefits of a dedicated Fund Manager from our Crystal Private Wealth Management Team. As a Crystal Private Wealth member, you would also enjoy the following:

  • Flexible top-ups 
  • Investment decisions are aligned with your goals 
  • Superior customer experience with dedicated Fund Manager 
  • Rewards of a diversified portfolio 
  • Superior returns in the short term 
  • Easy channels to fund your account 
  • Flexible Investment Strategy to match changes in your goals 
  • Protected Investment 
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual statements
  • Crystal Partnership Services including free/discounted business advisory services

Speak to us about our Crystal Home Acquisition Plan today. From financial advice to high yielding investment that will help you achieve your home acquisition dreams, we’ve got you! Get in Touch